Saturday, 12 February 2011

Movie soundtracks


I love movies especially those with great soundtracks, and recently I taken a likely to unusual movies , heres some which have really good soundtracks :

Garden State:
This is my favourite movie of all time.Its one of those which leaves you with that feeling and its so wonderly done that it makes you want to go out and live your life. Zach Braff choice of music is 5 stars, he's some awesome dude.
Personal Fave= Such great heights-The Postal Service

The go getter:

Zooey Deschanel is my ulimate girl crush and many people have only seen her in 500 days of summer, well I promise you this movie will be one of your favourite flims. I love this flim so much.

Personal fave=Rave on(featuring Zooey Deschanel) -M.Ward

( photo :

Eagle vs. Shark :

This flim=AMAZMENT. Its lols. It has a amazing soundtrack. What more could you want. The people providing the tunes to this are mostly by the phoenix foundation and the reduction agents.

Personal fave= I love you awesome -The Phoenix foundation
Of course there is many more, but we'll keep those for posts to come,
See you around