Monday, 20 December 2010

Hey there- a new music blog

hey there

I'm Erin, so basiclly I think there isn't many of the sort of music blogs I'd like to read, with new bands , old bands and just plain intresting stuff to read about. I just can't find a music blog for teens which draws me back and could be for both girls and boys. Here I would like to include:

-A weekly playlist of not only new music but lovely old music too

-A band focus of the week: new

-Band focus of the week: old

-Other posts on movies, tv and everything else which is awesome or eventful

-Upcoming Gigs and festivals

- News: all the beef that really matters within the industry

So ...

Who am I?

Heres ten facts about me....

  1. My name is Erin
  2. My major idol is Audrey Hepburn
  3. My favorite flim (or flims) would be Garden state, Elizabeth town, Almost famous, an education, peter pan, 500 days of summer, somewhere and breakfast at tiffanys
  4. I'm 15
  5. I am obessed with green tea
  6. I collected bottlecaps(hence the blog name) for a few months and they grew mold so I had to throw them out, now I'm thinking of collecting records and hats
  7. My favorite food would be bewteen dark chocolate and ice cream
  8. You will regularly find me in the libary or starbucks
  9. I like guys who wear braces (but proper ones not the strap ones !)
  10. I only have one nosil hole


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